The Painting ”Magdalena”, the National BiH Monument, could soon be returned

The Painting ”Magdalena”, the National BiH Monument, could soon be returned
05 Januara 22:30 2023 Printaj ovaj članak

Member of the House of Representatives of the Parliamentary Assembly of Bosnia and Herzegovina (PABiH), Sasa Magazinovic (SDP BiH) announced the wonderful news he received from Enver Mulabdic two days ago, and it is about the National Monument of BiH, the painting Magdalena by Djoko Mazalic.

Enver Mulabdic contacted me today to announce the wonderful news, Magdalena will return home. Do you remember Magdalena? The Magdalena, which is a national monument of BiH, is an artistic painting that is a symbol of missing works of art. The Magdalena painted by Djoko Mazalic and stolen from the family collection of Damirka and Enver Mulabdic,” Magazinovic said two days ago.

The national monument of BiH

He added that Magdalena should be returned soon.

This is the same Magdalena whose name was changed in Serbia and whose new owner” contacted me to ask for an apology and ask if I hate the Serbian people only because I am asking for the BiH national monument to return home. Basically, Magdalena should come home soon,” he added.

Magdalena is currently with the police in Serbia. That’s all I can tell you for now. The next steps are at Interpol, police structures in BiH and Serbia, institutions, Magazinovic stated.

As few “empty” frames as possible

He also referred to the conversation with Dzenan Jusufovic from the Center Against Trafficking in Works of Art.

Today I also talked with Dzenan Jusufovic from the Center against Art Smuggling. He did a big part of the work to get this all started. We can’t believe that Magdalena is in the police and that now it is only needed to wait for procedures in order to return it home. We can’t rejoice as much as we want until we see it… Let there be as few “empty” frames as possible in the future, Magazinovic said two days ago, Avaz reports.